Frequently Asked Questions

What the what is Tapped Events, anyways?

It all started with The Tapped Truck. Jewels is a 1967 Ford pick-up truck...and a looker if we do say so ourselves! She has been fully outfitted to serve beverages ice cold and on-tap at special events! Now, Tapped Events has evolved: we considers ourselves to be a pop-up tap bar specialist, including a growing fleet of offerings to suit special events of all sizes and budgets. Check out The Tapped Trailer and The Tapped Trolley rolling out Spring 2020!

Where can y'all go?

What did you have in mind? Both Jewels and Dixie have no requirements for running water or electricity, we can go just about anywhere our vehicles and contraptions can fit! Chuck does need to be within 8' of an electrical outlet. We love serving all over BC and into Alberta: road trips are our jam. Get in touch for a customized quote!

How much does it cost to have Tapped Events attend my event?

Connect with us for a detailed quote for your day. We offer many customizable options from equipment-only rental to full-meal-deal service packages. Visit our Fleet page at to see the pricing of each of our Tapped contraptions.

Can we provide our own bartenders?

Hiring Jewels (The Tapped Truck)? Simply put: no. Hauling kegs on and off a truck, is serious business! To ensure the best possible Tapped experience, we require you to hire our friendly & qualified bartenders for any event with Jewels. Thinking you want our trailer or one of our other Tapped offerings? YES! We offer equipment-only rentals of Dixie (The Tapped Trailer) and Chuck (The Tapped Trolley).

How many taps do you have?

Our fleet was made for all sizes of events! Chuck, The Tapped Trolley boasts 2 taps, where Dixie (The Tapped Trailerr) has 4 taps. Jewels (The Tapped Truck) can accommodate up to 6 different products: beer, cider, wine, prosecco or even tapped us, your guests won't know what hit em with that many on-tap options!

What can you serve?

What's got you salivating? We love to pour beer, cider, wine, prosecco, soda..we even have a preferred partner that does cocktails! Reach out to us for a list of locally sourced bevvies that we love!

Do you provide alcohol?

We bring a truckload of fun, but we do not provide alcohol. We serve the beverages you provide (we can definitely help with delivery). Liquor laws are sticky, but we can absolutely go over what you need to know and plan for in advance of your event.

Are you licensed? Do you provide a permit?

We are not licensed and we do not provide the permit: but we are experts in this space and can absolutely put you on the right path as you plan your special event!