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Thirsty Thursdays Are Back With Mt. Begbie's 'Attila The Honey'

Thirsty Thursdays are back baby, and we're switching it up a bit so we can try more brews and get those taste buds dancing quicker.

Our Beer Aficionado, and new man running the show, Graeme is a man of few words but man does he know his brews. So let's get into his take on Mt. Begbie's Attila The Honey.

From Graeme:

"For this Thirsty Thursday, I selected the Mt. Begbie Attila the Honey.

Made in the heart of Revelstoke, this amber ale is brewed with Okanagan honey. It has a medium body with slight notes of caramel to give a subtly sweet finish which is great on a hot Summer's day.

It can pair nicely with a wide range of foods but really thrives with spicy cuisine. I would recommend having it with a Prawn Pad Thai or a Sweet Chili Chicken Stir Fry for a perfect dining experience. "

And there we have it folks, a solid amber ale with big flavour and malt dressed up with a subtle honey note on the finish perfect for a spicy dish on the patio.

If you're thinking you might want to strap a keg of Mt. Begbie Attila the Honey. at your next get together, party or wedding, contact us today about Chuck, Dixie, or Jewels helping you serve them right.

- The Tapped Team


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