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Craft and Covid: 3 Reasons You Should Support Your Brewery NOW

Unusual understatement no doubt. We here at TTT are taking all necessary precautions and are currently in isolation in the Shuswap.

the tapped truck recommends drinking craft when you can in vancouver or calgary
Photo cred: Emily-May Photography

But isolation is not stopping us from supporting craft. Now more than ever, community brewers need our support.

We know that there is a tremendous amount of attention on supporting local; if you have any spare money to spend, you're being encouraged to keep it in your 'hood. We think the brewery in your community is an ideal place to start. And here's why:

bc's beer truck talks about breweries and farmers

1. They support local makers and farmers

From malts to hops to fruity adjuncts, brewers rely heavily on local growers and farmers so when a brewery makes great beer, their success trickles down to those beloved growers. Beyond that, if your brewery has a kitchen, most love to showcase locally made sausages, breads and local produce (where possible). Look on their walls, and many will be showcasing local artists, or perhaps they've commissioned a local talent to outfit their cans with some badass art.

We can almost guarantee that your local brewer practically supports a mini-economy of their own local suppliers. So by supporting them, you are supporting the continuation of this cycle.

2. They are hubs for our community

When this whole thing passes, because this storm too will run out of rain, we will be hungry (although cautious, no doubt) to sit with our family & friends over a cold one. To discuss in familiar terms what we all lived through. And what we see time again, no matter where we travel, we rely on breweries to bring the community together. They are humble meeting places, where we can often find someone to chat with. They are welcoming hubs and neighbourhood gathering places. And while that might not be applicable now...there will come a time when we can get back to some semblance of normalcy. And we want your local brewery to be there with open doors.

3. They need us

Breweries do so much for our communities: curators of community & culture, hubs for family & friends. When we need them, they show up. They host fundraising events, they sponsor local teams & worthy causes, and gosh darn it they pour great cold beer. Right now, they have staff that they are trying to keep employed, vendors they want to continue to support and a community around them that will be really thirsty soon. So if for no other reason, then they need us, drink local.

Many breweries are offering home delivery or curbside pickup.

For our BC friends in Vancouver and Kelowna, the crew at The Growler (BC) are keeping a running list of those breweries here.

To our Calgary contingent, our friends at Outcast Brewing are offering delivery city wide!

Can't make it to a brewery? Many local, independent liquor stores are now stocking several BC breweries. If you're in Kamloops, head over to Stag's Head. In Blind Bay, we recommend our friends at the Blind Bay Village Grocer. And if you're in Salmon Arm, The Hideaway has an impressive craft collection in stock.


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