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Thirsty Thursday - Dark Ales for Winter

Y'all best know by now that there's 2 things we're super passionate about: craft beer and supportin' local! So it made SO much sense to collaborate with our favorite local grocer, Blind Bay Village Grocer right here in the heart of the Shuswap.

the tapped truck recommends craft beer selection at blind bay village grocer in the shuswap
Look for our logo at Blind Bay Village Grocer

If you follow us on the socials, you have likely seen me talk about the BBVG team: they have been huge supporters of our big lil beer truck dream, and have been hugely interested in the craft beer scene. They have one of the best craft beer selections in the Shuswap, and are readily open and willing to ordering in your (ahem, our) special requests!

So what is this collab all about? On top of taking you along with us on our brewery trips, our #thirstythursday will also feature amazing beers available in cans or bottles at a retail outlet near you. It also means if you are in the Shuswap: visit BBVG and keep an eye out for our weekly recommendations! We hope to point out old favorites, and highlight new brews for you to sample.

So without further ado, this week, we're featuring an old seasonal favorite:

Granville Island Lion's Winter Ale.

So for those of you beer lovers, you may recall the flavor profile on this beer changed dramatically a few years back. At first, I was miffed: I had taken to their original recipe. But honestly, I have come to appreciate this beer as a dependable, easy drinker for the holiday season.

Take a sniffer and you might notice some winter spices with notes of cocoa and

granville island winter ale free wrapping paper at blind bay village grocer in the shuswap
Bonus! Score some Granville Island wrapping paper with your Winter Ale at the Blind Bay Village Grocer

toffee. Take a gulp, and this beer is chocolate forward, with cookie notes. You'll also pick up flavors of vanilla and caramel. It's a beautiful copper brown in color, and if poured right should have about an inch or so of fluffy head. I personally recommend bottles in this one: this beer does not suit a can (personal preference for sure).

Overall guys, this is a pretty awesome winter warmer, and is a pretty consistent find at TTT HQ fridge this time of year.

Bonus: And 'cause it's the season, Granville Island will hook ya up with some beer-lovin wrappin paper! That means y'all could wrap this up and put it under the tree for that special someone.

Whistler Brewing Black Tusk Ale

a dark english ale poured by the tapped truck in the shuswap
Whistler Brewing's Black Tusk Ale

Our second recommendation this week, you'll find in the "singles" fridge brought to you by Whistler Brewing is their infamous Black Tusk Ale. Infamous, cause it's a 2 time world award winning dark, English-style mild ale.

If you're a bit beer timid, don't let the "Dark English Ale" bit scare you! Just like the Winter Ale, it presents as a mellow, easy drinker for these dark cold nights of winter. It pours super dark, and is rich amber where the light hits it. It can pour heady out of the can, but that dissipates fairly quickly. This beer smells malty, which translates beautifully in its flavor profile. This beer is not as sweet as the Winter Ale we profiled above, and finishes with a bit of bitterness.

Protip: one of yous is probably gonna write me and tell me it's blasphemy but a

whistler brewing's black tusk ale selected by The Tapped Truck at blind bay village grocer in the shuswap
The Tapped Truck's #thirstythursday feature

friend put us onto mixing this one with their much sweeter Chestnut Ale. We think the combo is perfectly Christmas-y. Bonus? Both beers are available at the BBVG so go ahead and give it a go!

We wanna hear from you: have you tried the Winter Ale or Black Tusk? Got thoughts you wanna share? Or maybe you have a beer you'd like to see us feature. We'd love to hear from you!


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