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Thirsty Thursday: Driftwood Brewery's Viewfield

All righty guys! After a busy couple of weeks hosting virtual events, we are returning to our regularly scheduled beer truck tasting, for this week's Thirsty Thursday!

We are frequent advocates of Driftwood's suds: Fat Tug is a legendary staple in this house. So when Blind Bay Village Grocer let us in on their latest shelf addition, a saison, we were all ears...errr tastebuds.

This week we're cracking Driftwood Brewery's Viewfield.

Firstly, I always like to give credit where credit is due, and check out this can art. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for some eye-catching packaging, and craft brewers are competing for raddest design. This one is bomb. Contrasting black, red and teal with some bold flecks of white, this can features a dragon-fly that very much reminds me of the Haida art of the Westcoast. You would be hard pressed to skip over this can if you see it among many in the fridge.

All right, let's talk about the type of beer this is before we crack this bad boy open: a saison. I would probably bore you with all of the details of this brew, so I'm going to try and keep it as simple as I can so we can get on with...well...drinkin!

Do a quick google of "Saison" beers and you'll be inundated with varying definitions, I personally enjoyed this read on Beer Connoisseurs, if you feel so inspired. I'm gonna leverage Wikipedia on this one, cause their definition is clear and succinct: a Saison is a pale ale that is highly carbonated, fruity, spicy, and often bottle conditioned. It was historically brewed with low alcohol levels, but modern productions of the style have moderate to high levels of alcohol.

How does Driftwood define this beauty? Well here you go: A funky, fruity, panoramic fermentation in ultra-high-def multi-colour.

Brewed with superior pilsen, you can bet your bottom dollar this beer pours

a BC craft beer saison from driftwood brewery
Check out this beauty beer from Driftwood Brewery

golden like a pilsner, with rich carbonation. Poured into a glass (yes, PLEASE pour this into a glass), you'll notice a thick foamy head: like ice cream in a root beer float and just as fun. Don't worry, it'll dissipate in a couple of moments. Take that glass up to your nose, and see if you can smell that pilsner inspiration, with hints of funky fruits, just as described.

Now go ahead, and take a sip. First, I noticed a sour sensation, but not the face puckering types we've had before. This is noticeable, but subtly retreats to make way for a refreshing crisp, almost wine-like a summer day in the garden. Take another sip and you may find some grassiness, as the hops make an appearance with some tropical undertones. Yup, I'm enjoying this one.

A note on this one, this is a strong beer in a 473mL can. If you're a lightweight, you've been warned.

What are you sippin on for this #thirstythursday? Be sure to tag us on your craft beer adventures! We'd love to share in on your experience.

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Looking for this beer? You'll find it year round at many retailers around BC. In the Shu? Swing into Blind Bay Village Grocer.


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