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Thirsty Thursday: Fuggles & Warlock

okanagan bartender drinks bc craft beer on tap
Founder, Jody, samplin BC Craft beer

As the Okanagan's original beer truck and as mobile bartenders, we take our jobs very seriously. While owning mobile pop-up bars of such a unique variety is plenty reward enough (we love seeing people's faces light up when they see they're going to get a beverage on tap in unusual places), we love it, even more, when we can delight our guests with just the right BC craft beer recommendation, some interesting highlights about local breweries, or deep dialogues about beer types. And just like that is our passion at events, we look to share our craft experiences with you here! We head out on field trips to breweries wherever we travel and are always on the hunt for just the right brew to fill your stein. Welcome to Thirsty Thursday, once again!

bc beer truck owner drinks beer in richmond
Hard to say how Rob feels about Fuggles & Warlock

This week, we're going to take you to Richmond and a brewery we often visit when we head to the Coast on business and/or to visit family. Just about every time we find ourselves at Fuggles & Warlock, a Richmond mainstay and one of only 3 breweries in the city (remarkable when Richmond's population is tipping 250,000). Compare that to Port Moody's 5 breweries and a population of only 35,000 or so. But I digress...

Fuggles & Warlock is a traditional tasting room set-up: small snack menu (recently they have added sandwiches and meat pies to their menu), often supplemented by a food truck on weekends. Their tasting room is ample enough and is crammed with nerdy finds like arcade games for those of us who can't help ourselves.

Now let's get to the beer. The real reason you're here, right?!

These guys have an affinity for fruits: creating fun, crushable sips like their Strawberry and Mango Wits that play a role in their core line-up. Also on the regular menu? Their award-winning Pixel Pils and an easy-going IPA dubbed Destiny.

We love how Fuggles seems to have no fear when it comes to experimentation. I mean, they chose the catchphrase "keeping beer weird" for a reason! They boast a new IPA release every month or 2 and we can count on a limited edition pour on the shelves of our local liquor store. Like the one we're featuring this week, their Mountainview Black Currant Sour.

We're beer truck owners, after all. Who would we be if we didn't try the beer for you? Yes, a tough job!

The Mountainview Black Currant Sour is a collab brew done with Craft Beer Market. It is touted as "a delicately tart wheat kettle sour brewed with fresh black currants." And tart it is. This is a true sour, so pucker-up buttercup!

Crack the bottle, and pour this into a glass and the first thing you'll admire is the colour. Reminiscent of raspberry jam, this has a beautiful rich berry colouring to it. This brew is unfiltered so mind the sediment that you will find at the bottom of the bottle.

Take a sniff, and you'll catch the sour right away. That beautiful fermented aroma with berry notes. Sip this one slow, and like me, you might be surprised at how subtle the black currant flavouring is.

Overall, a solid sour to bring us into Spring. I'm feeling the need to start to break away from the porters and stouts as the weather transitions. We enjoyed this pour out on the front porch, basking in the early Spring sunshine.

I think what's special to note about the Fuggles & Warlock brews, is how approachable they are. They are fun, playful and are a perfect craft beer to introduce to your family & friends who might "not be so sure" about beer. We love their Strawberry & Mango wits for summer. Juicy, refreshing and oh-so crushable!

You can find Fuggles & Warlock in their tasting room (and they're delivering now

if you find yourself in Richmond during this period of isolation). You can also find their product at your local liquor store (ask the manager if you don't see it) and in the Shuswap, at our favourite neighbourhood beer fridge at Blind Bay Village Grocer. Look for our Tapped Events Recommends signage for new beers to try!

As always, we are dying to hear from you! Do you have a favourite fruit-infused beer you love? Have you tried any of the Fuggles & Warlock suds? Is there a beer or brewery you want us to feature on our next Thirsty Thursday? Drop us a line:


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