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Say what?! Keggers are GREEN?!

We know ALOT about beer, here at Tapped events, where we run a beer truck and mobile bartending service here in the Okanangan and Shuswap. We are perpetually learning, studying and asking all the questions. So imagine our delight, when we uncovered a whole shwack of information on how drinking draft benefits our Mother Earth. You're reading that right: hosting a kegger is GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! As if you needed another reason to #gettapped. Well, we've got a few!

mobile bartenders from the tapped truck talk about kegs and their impact on the planet
Kegs. Drink beer from a keg. It's good for the earth!

Curious? Keep reading! We'll share some good ones with ya.

the beer truck looks at kegs and their impact on the environment
Only steel kegs can be reused!


Unlike their packaging counterparts, steel kegs only need to be washed & sanitized to be reused. No recycling process means a highly reduced carbon footprint - like to the tune of 96%!


When compared to glass bottles, a keg can save up to 2340lbs of trash from landfills. Take that in: that's like 2/5s the weight of a rhino...or two times as heavy as a horse...or about as heavy as a CAR! the trash...saved from the landfill.


When you choose to load our rigs with local craft beers you are having an even bigger impact (the product doesn't hafta be shipped as far). We like to think a truckload of impact!

4. BEER!

the tapped truck in the Okanagan looks at the green impact of kegs
Hops, barley and beer OH MY!

Did you know that most breweries have small waste diversion rates? Like to the tune of 96%. Why? Spent grain is valuable and very little of it ends up at the dump. Instead, it gets used in baking, as compost or as stock feed. That's a beautiful cycle right there.


Cider just happens to be one of the greenest beverages you can drink. Mash up some apples, put em in a barrel and let 'em ferment. Plus, apple trees provide a sustainable habitat to wildlife. Very little room for waste here!


We recycle our single use cups, but if you wanted to get even greener, we offer a compostable upgrade! That's right, choose to go compostable and we'll make sure your cups make it to the right place to minimize your impact on mother earth.


Our cards are actually coasters - which means they're dual use! Beyond that, they are made of wood pulp board make exclusively with thinnings from sustained forestry.

That there is 7 Earth-friendly reasons to have a party with Tapped Events! Ready to roll out now? Drop us a line and lets get this party wagon rolling!


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