3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Responsibly

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Public service annoucement! We wanted to remind you to plan ahead this holiday season.

Tis the season for rummy nogs and loads of libation tippies. And that's amazing! We just want to make sure you have a plan for gettin to your final destination. Plan ahead, or put your keys away.

So we're comin atcha with a couple of ways that you can help ensure everybody gets home safely.

1. DD

Mt Begbie's Tasting Room Offers a DD Program

Love yo Designated Driver folks. Take turns with your friends, on who is going to play the responsible non-drinking role for the night. Bonus for this job? Many restaurants and bars will look after the generous soul who takes on this role. One of our fave local craft breweries, Mt Begbie, has a DD program which includes a FREE meal and non-alcoholic beverage to the Designated Driver in a party of 4 or more! If that ain't incentive, we don't know what is!


Hosting? We always make sure to have loads of clean sheets, and overnight packages that include toothbrushes & soap so that if anybody cracks one too many beers, they can crash comfortably at our place.

And sometimes, we just splurge and book a hotel. Honestly, depending where you live and the availability of Uber, this can be a cheaper option than a taxi.


Walking distance to your neighbors? A mosey home might be just what the doctor ordered! The fresh air might not only serve your hangover well, but is also the responsible thing to do after a drink or 3. When we host, we try to plan to have reflective vests for anybody makin the foot trek home.

Do you have any plan ahead tips?

Happy Holidays Y'All: we hope you'll enjoy responsibly?

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