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Getting C*cky with Strange Fellows Popinjay - Thirsty Thursday

When it comes to the vast beer styles out in the universe, beer drinkers have their favorites.

Whether light or heavy, clear or amber in color, malty or hoppy, it comes down to patrons selecting the perfect beer. It is a beverage that has tasted so good repeatedly that the

saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I know that curiosity can enter the mind to see what might be different. Something sitting in a cooler, chilling to perfection, just waiting to be consumed. The masters of this craft are Strange Fellows Brewing.

Located off Clark Drive in East Vancouver, Strange Fellows is brewing a storm. Their popularity for wetting whistles has moved its way from Vancouver throughout British Columbia and has made its way up to the Shuswap area. They create many beers of many styles and serve them in a 473ml can. All beer drinkers can be more than satisfied. Some fan favorites are the Talisman West Coast Pale Ale, the Jongleur Wit, and the Guardian IPA, but the beer of focus for this week will be the Strange Fellows Popinjay West Coast Sour.

Popinjay is a great introduction to the sour style of beers. It is light in body, golden in color, and has a 4.5% alcohol content. The aroma is full of fruity, citrus notes and has a refreshing taste with a soft, subtle tart finish. It is a great summer beverage that any level of beer enthusiast can enjoy. It pairs well with barbecued pork chops and spicy Thai dishes but my summer favorite: is fish and chips.

The Popinjay hits the spot with a nice piece of beer battered, flash-fried halibut, tartar sauce on top of a mountain of french fries. So the next time you go to your local liquor store for cold beer and wine, try something different and enjoy a Strange Fellows Popinjay West Coast Sour!


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