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A Cult Classic Straight From The Shu - Thirsty Thursday

We all love us a good Cult Classic movie...but what about a Cult Classic beer?! We absolutely think that Crannog is the OG!

What's a Cult Classic? Cult films are known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase which forms an elaborate subculture, members of which engage in repeated viewings, dialogue-quoting, and audience participation. Crannog as a brewery has created a subculture and dedicated following beyond beer.

Their farm, located in Sorrento BC, is committed to minimal-waste (seriously minimal waste folks, they recycle water from their brewery to water their hops etc), organic and sustainable farming. We LOVE visiting their property, not just because we love their beer - we learn something new every time! Owners Rebecca and Brian are community builders. Get them talking about life on the farm or about where their beer inspo came from, and you'll sure to be as enamoured as we are.

But let's talk beer, that's what we're all here for afterall, ain't it?! Inspired by Gaelic culture, this beer is how I think it was meant to be (old world styles). Across the board, Crannog's beers are rich in flavour. Their most renowned ale is a stout, and with a name like Backhand of God, it has alot of hype to stand up to, and stand up it is. Their most popular beer is not famous for name alone: this dark beer is multi-dimensional. Rich while not heavy. This might be one of our most favourite beers of all time. We love that patrons that are hesitant on stouts, find something to love in their pint glass when we pour this bad boy.

BUT, if you're like me and find a stout to be too dark for the bright summer days ahead, worry not! Crannog has many other options you're going to love. Tonight at Music in the Bay we'll be slinging Crannog's Wild Gael Potato Ale: a red Irish ale made with, you guessed it, organic potatoes! Think your potatoes need butter to be tasty? You haven't had the pleasure of sipping on one of these then. This beer is malt forward with a beautiful hop finish. It makes for a wonderfully smooth mouth feel. As the Crannog team describes it: "It's an immigrant ale, uniting the staple food of Ireland with plenty of new world hops. Like all immigrants, it's robust and hardworking, while being respectful of the new place to which it has come. Yes, we use potatoes in the mash, and yes, it's still a barley beer."

Blessed enough to find yourself in the Shuswap this summer? Swing by and take in a tour at Crannog...say HI to Rebeccan and Brian for us.

Or better yet, come find our rig at Musc in the Bay on Thirsty Thursdays and take in some locally sourced suds while dancing in the grass.

Do the Shu baby!


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