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Summer is going to the dogs with Yellow Dog Brewing

When it comes to having a lovable pet, everyone thinks of man's best friend first........dogs!!!! These amazing pooches have won mankind's heart over many times and will until the end of time. If you are wondering why this matters when it comes to beer, let me get to the chase! Since 2014, one brewery has been making consistent and amazing flavour profiles when it comes to beer out of the lower mainland. That brewery is Yellow Dog.

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Since 2014, Yellow Dog has been operating out of the Port Moody area. Kind of like the "Five Points'' from Martin Scorsese's movie, "Gangs of New York", the brewery shares its turf with 4 other breweries: Moody Ales, Twin Sails, The Bakery, and Parkside. All of these breweries have great beer to offer and I'm sure we will be chatting about their craft soon enough but Yellow Dog takes the spotlight today.

They have been brewing great beers of different styles and flavours. I know I have enjoyed many of their brewery classics such as: Play Dead IPA, Chase Your Tail Pale Ale, High 5 Hazy IPA,and Squirrel Chaser Hazy Pale Ale. When it comes to a great all around seasonal malted beverage, the Retriever Golden Ale reigns supreme.

All liquor depots are having a hard time keeping this one on the shelf up in the Shuswap Area. This Golden Ale catches your attention just with the can itself. The turquoise colour matched with the Yellow Dog emblem catches beer drinkers' eyes like a Border Collie on a tennis ball. This lighter style of beer is golden in colour (like the retriever) and hits at 24 IBU. It's still maintains around the 5% alcohol level but has more for flavour and aroma compared to a lager or kolsch. It hits the nose with subtle tropical fruit notes and has an incredibly smooth finish. It is the beer of choice with the hot summer but can be enjoyed throughout all seasons in British Columbia. I love this beer with all comfort style foods. Whether its burgers, hot dogs and classic bbq with corn on the cob, this beer will un......leash a desire to try more Yellow Dog styles of beer. If ever in the lower mainland, make sure to hit up the "Five Points" and have yourself a great dog day afternoon.

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