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4 Things to Consider if Your Wedding is Impacted by Covid

shuswap bride stands in front of beer truck and mobile bar
Photo cred: Hearten Photography

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and as mobile bartenders in the Okanagan and Shuswap, we have seen our fair share of brides heartbroken by the current state of affairs. It's true, your wedding day may not be what you had originally envisioned, but I am confident that with a fresh outlook it might be a truckload more fun than you had expected, with so many opportunities to create memories for you and your family. Which is why, I'm taking to my computer keyboard today, to bring you some innovative ideas that we've seen to help ease the stress when you're confronted with the dizzying idea of having to change your Okanagan wedding plans.

beer truck at quaaout lodge in the shuswap for beer on tap at wedding
Photo Cred: Kathleen Fisher Photography

1. Reschedule don't cancel

Above all else, reschedule don't cancel. I know it's heartbreaking when you had your heart set on a certain date. But trust me when I say, you WILL want to get married with your family and friends eventually. And when it comes time that we can gather and celebrate, your party is going to be what everybody wants and needs. As a collective, I promise, celebration will be so much sweeter once this storm passes.

2. Consider an elopement or private vow exchanges

Keep your date, and arrange a small private exchange of vows with your officiant now. You will finally be able to call your partner your wife or husband. Shacking up during Covid will get a little sweeter, and the two of you will have your own reasons to celebrate (I've got bets on a post-Covid baby boom comin atcha). This can help you to maintain your special date, if that's what's important to you. And still give you plenty of reason to have a ceremony with all of the pomp and circumstance at a later date.

3. Video

If you haven't already, you may wish to add a videographer to your vendor roster. With changed dates, certainly some guests just will not be able to accommodate your new ceremony date. Help them be a part of the celebration by live streaming, and sharing the video with them. Not only will they be grateful to get to play a part in your big day, but you'll be grateful for the memories.

4. Backyard celebration

best beer truck in canada for weddings
Beer truck?! Yes please!

Listen, I get it. This was not what you planned. And if you're overwhelmed with the idea of doing this all over again, why not scale it back? Does Auntie Estrid have a beautiful backyard? With some string lights, a kick-ass caterer and a banging bar (ahem, beer truck) you'll still have plenty to celebrate. Your guests are going to be so excited to congregate and party with you, and by stripping the stress off of your shoulders, I have no doubt that you'll have the time of your life!

Ultimately, it's important to keep your eyes on the prize, and remind yourself why we have these big days to begin with. It's to celebrate LOVE! The love between you and your partner, the love your family and friends have for you and the love for a good reason to party. Despite the stress, despite the uncertainty these things stand true. If you are planning a wedding, the reason you are celebrating is still there: LOVE! So as challenging as it is, please remember that love will get you through this, and love will always be oh so sweet to celebrate.

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