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#GETTAPPED: Experiential Marketing For Your Brand

owners of The Tapped Truck in the okanagan british columbia pour beer from their beer truck
How do people experience YOUR brand?

As someone who spent many many years in the corporate world, I have seen the significance that corporate events can have in team-building, cultivating brand recognition, and developing client relationships. As y'all know, not all business happens in the boardroom afterall. And, it doesn't matter the audience of the corporate event, if you're dropping money on an experience, you want people talking about your brand in all the right ways after the party has concluded.

Enter experiential marketing. Y'all learned, that if you go out and DO something, you're more likely to remember it: you absorb information in a more tangible way but going out and experiencing it. Experiential marketing can be the bridge, the way that your consumer, client or employees really get an opportunity to engage with your brand. And if there's one thing that social media has taught us, it's that engagement is key...right?!

When I built The Tapped Truck, I wanted to give brands a way to put their product and service out there. I wanted them to have a way for strangers to become friends and for friends to become customers. And if all goes well, for those customers to become advocates. Cause isn't that what we're all after?

So how can you use The Tapped Truck at your next event? I'm so glad you asked!

1. Grand openings, celebrations & launches

our tapped beer trolley, the Chuck Wagon, is perfect for interior and intimate events
Chuck was built with interior events top of mind!

Work one of these landmark events right, and you can attract customers new and old into your space, or to try your product. Opening a new retail space? Sip and shops take on a whole new meaning with beverages available on tap! Visitors are sure to snap photos, post on the socials and get people buzzing about your space.

2. Client appreciation events

Pair a wicked caterer with some tapped beverages, and your client appreciation summer barbecue has suddenly been elevated! Throw a party that will leave your clients and choice partners raving about their experience with YOU. And yes, we can brand Jewels out with your logo!

3. Golf hole sponsorship

unique corporate golf hole sponsorship idea is to hire The Tapped Truck in canada
A golf hole sponsorship with flare at Shuswap National Golf Course

Sorry guys, but free hats, balls and tees are so yesterday! And often forgotten about, after a swag-filled season of corporate tournies. Wanna do something wild? Put one of our rigs on a hole! We can work to brand out one of our sud slingin party wagons, and we partner with the golf course to extend their beverage service. Another drink station, with your name on it? We think that's pretty spiffy!

4. Friday afternoon Happy Hour

Hit those big targets, and looking to reward your team? Imagine rolling Chuck into your cafeteria or boardroom on a Friday afternoon. Beats donuts. We promise!

the tapped truck at music in the park in sicamous
Consider popup beer gardens and local craft brewery showcases

5. Outdoor festivals & brewery showcases

Rows upon rows of tents, with coolers on tables - it can be hard to stand out in a crowd! And as the craft brewery industry gets denser, and competition gets stiffer y'all gotta be thinking of new and creative ways to get craft beer lovers remembering your tasty brews. We know Jewels draws a crowd, and we know that consumers on the fence, are more likely to order a beverage off of her...cause who doesn't wanna say they had a beer off of a beer truck?! Did we mention she's Intagrammable? Deck her out with your branding, and push your social cred to new levels.

Have you ever had a unique brand experience?

Ready to try a #tapped experience on for size? We know you have questions, and we'd love to answer them for you! Drop us a line today, and let's get that party wagon rollin.


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