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It's not just about beer

In case you didn't catch on: we LOVE beer. There's something oh so humble, and refreshing and beautiful about an ice cold amber pour. It's approachable. It's diverse. And it's easy to connect over a beer.

But our love doesn't need to be your love! We don't HAVE to pour beer and we certainly don't need to pour beer exclusively.

So what can we put through our Tapped lines? We're so glad you asked! Ultimately, if it comes in a keg we can tap it. So that means we can showcase your favourite local cider. We can delight your guests with Prosecco on tap. And we can inspired them with tapped cocktails: you read that right, TAPPED COCKTAILS! And don't forget, our bartenders are happy to crack cans and bottles to supplement your Tapped experience.

So don't let our love for beer scare you away! Our pop-up bars and mobile bartending services are perfect for every party. Whether you're planning a lakeside bash in the Shuswap or a hillside soiree in the Okanagan, wow your guests with a The Tapped Truck Event.

Hit our Contact button now and let's get this party wagon rollin!


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