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Thirsty Thursday: Born Colorado's Little Lion

Y'all know we have a sweet spot for craft brews, here at Tapped Events. You see, we taste alot of beers: that's why we are the beer bartenders you didn't know you needed, complete with beer truck! Ha.

When community unites!

But seriously, we know that craft breweries are the lifeblood to our community, we've taken to our blog before with adoration for all the things that they do to keep our neighborhood thirsts quenched among other things.

So it should come as no surprise to you, we were absolutely smitten when we heard that the Lewiston Ultra had partnered with Born Colorado Brewing in Calgary. We love us a good collab: there's nothing sweeter than seeing community support each other.

For those that don't know, the Lewiston Ultra curates trail running events in

Kananaskis and right here in the Shuswap. If you aren't familiar with this event, I highly encourage you to click to their site and learn all about the amazing community they have built, and the mind-blowing runs that they do. As the can so eloquently notes, "They are inspired by Lewiston James Olstad. Lewiston "Little Lion" was small and mighty and encouraged community to rise up, savour the moments and run towards your roar." I'm afraid if I shared any more of the Lewiston story, I wouldn't do it please, go check it out.

The Shuswap event is legendary...and anybody who runs it is legendary in our books! We connected last year with Kara when we were first launching our lil beer truck biz here in the interior of BC: and immediately, we connected. She's since swung by an event or 2 where we've been slingin suds in Sicamous: and every time she is all smiles! And it's a contagious one.

If there's anything I've learned from Kara and following her adventures on Instagram, it's that runners love beer (I wouldn't know, I am definitely not a runner!). So it was oh so sweet when she announced that Lewiston had partnered with Born Colorado in Calgary to create a brew worthy of quenching the thirsts of some committed trail runners...and non-trail runners alike.

This is the first time I've picked up beer in a plastic baggy ha! It was lovingly sanitized and packaged, this is Covid afterall.

After letting the beer chill for a couple of days, I was ready to crack that can and see what sort of miraculous concoction it was keeping hidden away. And miraculous it is!

Little Lion is a Hazy Session Ale, and this one leaning more towards an IPA has my mouth watering (y'all recall my love for a good IPA, right?!). This Session pours a very similar color to the sunset on the can: reminiscent of summer nights in the Shu. With an IBU of 15, this beautiful brew is not overly bitter, well balanced and with just the right weight of hop for even those who may not be immediately attracted to an IPA. As the name indicates, this beer is session-able. What do I mean? You could sling a 6-er, head to the beach and enjoy crushing more than one of these back on a sunny afternoon. SIGH! The things Okanagan dreams are made of! And if that isn't enough to get you hunting down this beautiful beer, know that each sale of Little Lion will give back to Love for Lewiston.

Yup. Beer that tastes good, and gives back in a really meaningful way.

So yes, we'll for sure be on the prowl for when these bad boys hit the shelves here in the interior of BC. Word on the street is you can expect them to drop in the coming weeks right here in the Shuswap at Hideaway Liquor Store and the Salmon Arm Liquor Store (both in, you guessed it, Salmon Arm). And of course, you can find them in Calgary at Born Colarado!


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