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Our Why

Recently, when working on some strategic planning we were asked what our why was....why we built The Tapped Truck...why we believe so strongly in our offering...why we have risked our savings, why I quit my job, why I dove head first into an industry I had little direct experience working in. I suppose the obvious response could be that we're crazy! But it's more than that.

popup tap bar beer truck and mobile bartenders from the tapped truck
The Tapped Truck owners Jody & Rob; Credit: Hearten Photography

Canada Day events, Music in the Park events, festivals...we couldn't understand why we were still drinking big beer in so many places. With the growth of a "support local" movement, why weren't we drinking local beer?

That got me noodling. I set to learn more about this industry. What was it all about? What does it do for local economies? What does it mean for Canada? As I started to peel this back, we uncovered even MORE reasons to serve locally brewed suds.

The economy of craft beer is incredible. If you start to dive into the numbers, the craft beer market is doing something counter to most industry. Big corporations (what I call "big beer") are struggling, while craft beer sales are way up. Why does this matter? Big production actually squashes employment, while craft breweries employ more people. Cool right?

Now let's talk about the Canadian story, cause it's pretty impressive. Beer has 3x the economic impact when compared to wine and spirits. How is that possible? Well, take a look at some of the other numbers. 1 in every 120 jobs in the entire country is supported directly & indirectly by the beer industry, and contributed $13.6B to Canada's GDP. Beyond taxes and the impact of a $5.3B payroll...300,000 tonnes of Canadian malting barley is purchased by our local breweries. Think of all the farmers that derive a benefit from that volume of consumption!

And locally here in BC, the story echoes what it is happening nationally, and even what is being reported in the US. Brewery counts are up, domestic sales are up...and if you look closely keg sales are up.

Consumers love them some craft beer, and most are willing to pay more. Supporting local is top of mind for many folks, and few industries have the impressive economic imprint of craft beer.

And yet, we are still selling Big Beer at many events.

My belief, is a major contributing factor to this is the availability of craft beer in large volumes. Cans are not typically as economical as big beer cans or not as readily available. But kegs can be.

Enter, The Tapped Truck. This is our why. To bring you beer. On tap. Anywhere.

Craft beer supports our communities in more ways than big beer. They are more likely to host community-building events, sponsor local charities & not-for-profits. They are more likely to employ your uncle, or hire the local farmer. They showcase our neighborhoods, they attract visitors and they foster community. And they are hubs for collaboration and innovation.

That's why we built The Tapped Truck and have become purveyors of pop-up tap bars. To take craft beer to crowds of thirsty people, no matter where they are. To give big beer drinkers an opportunity to try something new. To celebrate all that is craft beer.


On tap.



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