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Peaches Out For Phillips Solaris White Peach Ale - Thirsty Thursday

The summer is officially here.

This prolonged cold streak of what seemed like a never ending Spring has vanished and the radiant glow of the hot, summer sun has finally arrived. Everyone is ready to bask in its glory in all of the great Summer spots such as on a boat, patio or a backyard BBQ. With this in mind, we have focused our Thirsty Thursday this week on Phillips Brewing.

Phillips is a great brewery from the heart of Victoria and are well known throughout the province at producing great beers of many styles and flavours. I have had the pleasure of trying most of them at a great annual Summer event in Vancouver known as Brewery and the Beast. Enjoying great bites and nibbles from many great restaurants and establishments in the area, Phillips provided a wide selection of beers to pair with any flavour combination. Their Blue Buck Ale, Tiger Shark Pale Ale, Cold Snap Kolsch, Implosion Pilsner, and Electric Unicorn White IPA are always great but with the Summer season here, the Solaris White Peach Ale reigns supreme.

The Solaris White Peach Ale pours a slightly cloudy, golden colour and has the characteristics of a Belgian Witbier. It has subtle scents of wheat and coriander but has an amazing peach profile from start to finish on the nose and palate. At a 4.3 % alcohol content, it is a light and easy drinking beer for all occasions and is great for all types of beer drinkers. I have known friends and family that only drink specific lagers and fell in love with this beer after a few sips.

Phillips Solaris White Peach Ale is always a fan favorite at the Music in the Bay Event every Thursday night starting June 30th. This amazing event is full of great people, music, food and drink so come on down and check it out.


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