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Give The Gift of An Experience: 6 Ideas To Gift a Memory

Stuff. Anybody else have too much of it? Collecting dust, piled in drawers or just plain ole junk.

Now don't take offence to this: but why add to that collection? Experiential gift giving is one of the BEST gifts you can give someone you love: an opportunity to see, do or feel something new and exciting! We LOVE supporting local and there are SO many cool things to do no matter where you live.

As we are headed into the holiday season, it seemed fitting to dive into this topic a bit.

So whether you're planning for an upcoming Anniversary party, a milestone birthday or even a wedding (not to brag, but a beer truck might be the BEST Grooms gift ever?!) consider ditching the traditional etched champagne glasses or trendy flasks...consider giving them a memory!

Here are a few ideas we have to get your gift-giving brain juices flowing:

1. An Excursion

Ok, this sounds far more boujie than it should. We are talking "field trips" of sorts in and around where you live. There are loads of places to visit right in your backyard, and if you're like most residents, tourists see more of these sites than you do! Got a Zoo in your city? Get em some passes! Maybe there's a horse back riding farm near you? Consider an afternoon ride. Love the arts? What about tickets to the ballet or theater?

2. Some Support

It's true, we are busier than ever! Which is why some added help to free up some time, can be an experience in and of itself. Consider gifting a food delivery service or a housekeeper for a month! Even hiring (or volunteering) to babysit can open up the potential for an experience in and of itself.

3. Workshops

Who doesn't like learning how to do something new? Workshops are all the rage, and a great way to connect with humans. Sip n Paints, décor creation, learning how to knit, cooking classes: these are all amazing ways to share an experience with whomever you are trying to celebrate!

4. A Brewery, Cidery or Winery Tour

Who would we be if we didn't talk about how rad gifting a tour can be? Book a bus or van to drive you around, and enjoy sipping on all of the tippies! We can't think of a better way to connect with a team, family or loved one than by tipping back your head and guzzling a few!

5. A Photoshoot

Is there anything more valuable than photos that capture precious moments? Photoshoots of families, pets or hiring a professional photographer to capture a celebration (they're not just for weddings ya know!) can be an incredibly generous and thoughtful gift.

6. A Party

When we think of how we love to spend time, it's with the people we love, and unfortunately it seems to be a challenge to get all of our favourite humans together at any given time. Planning a party instead of giving "things" may be the greatest gift of all! Wanna go above and beyond? Consider layering the celebration with a unique experience like, well, yours truly. Our pop-up tap bars and trained mobile bartenders set the stage for an event like no other. Our hosts often come back to us months later to tell us their guests are STILL talking about "that beer truck."

Honestly, no matter your budget there are amazing experiences you can gift your loved ones. Have you ever received or given an experience? We'd love to hear from you!


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