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When you want a break from barley & hops - Thirsty Thursday

When we need a break from barley and hops, we often seek out cider: it's darn tootin tasty, it's local and it's just as thirst-quenching on a summer day (which, word on the street is...summer weather is finally coming our way this weekend!). We recently dropped in to say hello to the hardworking femme fatale team (GIRL POWER!), enjoy a flight and took home some to-go for a Thirsty Thursday feature that has us jonesing for more.

With unique flavor profiles like "Lavender Honey" & "Peach Mango" alongside classics like "Semi-Sweet" and "Dry Apple" we had a tough time picking what to profile. But nothing says "Shuswap" to us, quite like a Haskap that's the can we chose to crack for this week's Thirsty Thursday libation.

What is a Haskap Berry? With a flavor profile somewhere between a raspberry and a blueberry, these little zingers patch a summer-inspired punch. They bring a beautiful not-too-sweet profile to Shuswap Cider's already well-rounded cider and a beauty color to our glasses that takes us to nights on the boat. While not required, we always start by taking our cider to our sniffer, and this cider presents fresh aromas reminiscent of sunshine and golden delicious apples.

Don't let the bright colouring fool you: once you take a sip, you'll be delighted with a beautiful apple-forward cider with hints of haskap berry juiciness. Nothing too sweet. This cider is a grown-up cider, not the Growers' we used to drink growing up! Well carbonated, this cider dances, and has a tart pull on the back of our palate.

Do we love us some Shuswap Cider? You bet we do! And what makes this even sweeter? The founding members care SO much about their community. Their birthday is coming up at the end of the month and they're pushing open their doors to host their neighbours. They invite you down June 30th, 5-8pm to enjoy their patio, snacks by Panzudo Pizza, and dance to music by DJ Patico. If that ain't enough to get you racing to their taps: partial proceeds are being donated to U Grow Girl (check them out if you haven't already...these guys are doing incredibly meaningful work and have flower subscriptions delivered to your door in the Shu over the summer season).

Can't make it to Shuswap Cider? You can snag cans of their product throughout the Shuswap, including from our friends at Blind Bay Village Grocer. Or, ask us about hosting an event in your backyard with Shuswap Cider on tap: we have a few dates left this summer!


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