No need to have a rager to have a kegger

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Guys the number one thing we hear from wedding planners, event planners and hosts in general is "...but Jody, the waste! We're not having a huge party, how can we possibly justify a keg?" Trust me guys, this one is gonna SHOCK you!

Don't be afraid of keg sizes!

Don't Be Afraid

Seriously. You don't need to have a rager to have a kegger - so don't be skerred!

We have relationships with suppliers who put their beer into kegs as small as 10L: that's the equivalent to a 2-4...a FLAT of beer in a keg. So not only do you get to slurp on ice cold DRAFT beer, but you're not committed to huge volumes of the amber gold.

Curious? Watch this video, where I show you that a 10L keg really does exist in real life, and what it looks like.

Pro Tip From The Beer Truck Folks:

Plan for the size of party you're having, no need to go crazy and over order (most party hosts do just that, and end up with a ton of leftovers even in cans and bottles from over estimating). There are loads of online calculators for figuring out how much product you might need for a party.

Our recommendation? When in doubt short order a bit on your keg, and supplement with canned service later in the night.

Still got questions on what it looks like to get #tapped with Tapped Truck Events? We'd love to hear from you.

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