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No need to have a rager to have a kegger

Guys the number one thing we hear from wedding planners, event planners and hosts in general is "...but Jody, the waste! We're not having a huge party, how can we possibly justify a keg?" Trust me guys, this one is gonna SHOCK you!

used beer kegs stacked up on eachother
Don't be afraid of keg sizes!

Don't Be Afraid

Seriously. You don't need to have a rager to have a kegger - so don't be skerred!

We have relationships with suppliers who put their beer into kegs as small as 10L: that's the equivalent to a 2-4...a FLAT of beer in a keg. So not only do you get to slurp on ice cold DRAFT beer, but you're not committed to huge volumes of the amber gold.

Curious? Watch this video, where I show you that a 10L keg really does exist in real life, and what it looks like.

Pro Tip From The Beer Truck Folks:

Plan for the size of party you're having, no need to go crazy and over order (most party hosts do just that, and end up with a ton of leftovers even in cans and bottles from over estimating). There are loads of online calculators for figuring out how much product you might need for a party.

Our recommendation? When in doubt short order a bit on your keg, and supplement with canned service later in the night.

Still got questions on what it looks like to get #tapped with Tapped Truck Events? We'd love to hear from you.


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