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The Tapped Truck’s Six ways on how to skip a hangover

It's the season for hangovers! The dreaded morning after the New Years bash. So we're comin' atcha with a few ideas on how to recover fast....or avoid the pain altogether!

enjoy a shu brew for the season in the shuswap brought to you by a beer truck
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Seriously. Mind your consumption! And if we can recommend, try a glass of water between every Shu Brew you put back.

Pro tip: if the bartender is offering you a glass of agua, it's not an insult! They've got your back, and you'll thank 'em in the morning.


Whether it's before you head out, or as you party, try chowin down on something to soak up that boozy goodness. Low blood sugar can exacerbate hangover symptoms. Eating throughout the night will help too. So don't pass on the small plates, nibble as you go.


Hittin up the dance floor while chuggin on libations is hard work! And partying rested will help to ease your pain, including easing irritability, sleepiness and headaches. We've all seen the person sitting at a table dozing off after one too many. Don't be that person.


If you're lucky enough to be celebrating close to home, make the mosey. Some fresh air and activity does wonders. If this is your chosen method of hangover avoidance, just make sure to plan ahead! We recommend a reflective vest, and making sure you check-in with a buddy when you get home just so everyone knows you made it to your final destination.

If walking it off ain't an option, remember to check out our tips for enjoying responsibly.


It's SO important we had to echo point 1, drink more water, yo! Dehydration absolutely, unequivocally makes hangovers worse: those headaches, the spins, the parched wake-up call can all be mitigated with more water. Remember: water doesn't make you a cheap drunk or a party pooper - it makes you a freakin all star tomorrow!

What's your favorite hangover cure?


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